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Inspiring Journal


Inspiring Journal is a page, where I will tell you what what was going on in my life during my second term at Bellerbys.

My Winter Holiday


I was looking forward to my winter break very much, because I was away from my family and friends for 3 months. During the holidays I went to Egypt, where I enjoyed the warm shiny weather and incredible sea life of Red Sea. On New Year’s Eve I met my best friend who I hadn’t seen for half a year. Together with her and our 10 friends we celebrated 2011Year in the restaurant, where all the staff was wearing costumes from a novel “Alice in Wonderland”. I had a feeling of being in a tale. That was a wonderful holiday, which I will remember for a long time and I know for sure my next arrival to hometown will be even better!

My First Week Back at Bellerbys


Brighton became my second hometown, because when I returned here from my winter holiday I realized how much I was missing this place with its friendly people, cosy coffee shops and beautiful sunsets. It was great to see my class mates, who I hadn’t seen for the whole month! During my last weeks in Ukraine I began to miss studying and that is why I was very excited to resume lessons at the college. Despite the fact I am satisfied with the marks I got in my winter exams I am intent to perform even better this term in order to enter the university with considerable knowledge in business areas. I enjoy studying here, therefore, I am sure I will do well in the examinations, because when people like what they do they are more likely to do it in a perfect way as opposed to those, who just do it because they simple have to.

My Life in Brighton


This term I have only 3 subjects: English, Business Studies and CIT. I enjoy studying them very much probably because our lecturers do their best to diversify the lessons and keep our attention to the material we are studying. Sometimes I don’t understand the topic at once in this case I either search the Internet or read the book carefully. I better memorize when I am writing what I have to learn, because I have visual memory. If I am proud for what I have done I reward myself by doing shopping or going out for a cup of hot chocolate to Starbucks, because I adore this place. Then I return home and bake some cakes, it really puts my mind at rest. The best way of relaxing at weekends after the week of studying is to stay in bed and have a good sleep. Also I am keen on movies and regularly go the cinema to watch the latest novelties.

Studying at Bellerbys


One of the modules I am studying is Business Studies. I can’t say it is too difficult to learn, because my teacher Mr. Cross explains the subject in a very understandable way using different methods of teaching such as writing essays, discussing case studies and analysing the problems of the real companies. However it takes quite a lot of time to do the homework and memorize the topic, because the curriculum covers a lot of aspects of business. I enjoy studying it, especially those themes on marketing, for example product life cycle, segmentation and marketing mix. At university I would like to study Business Studies with the pathway in marketing. I got 4 conditional offers and I hope I will get the fifth one that is the University of Bath which I am desperate to enter. Yesterday I logged in on UCAS but, unfortunately, there was nothing changed. But I don’t get upset, I am sure I will get the offer!

The University of Bath


I believe this second term especially its first half is the most important time of all three terms. That is because we either get the offers we were waiting for from the universities or not. Therefore, at this period of time our future place of studying is decided giving us new opportunities we probably have not expected. Personally, I am still waiting for the offer from the University of Bath. The more I wait the more I want to enter there. I really like the programme they offer with its work placements, real life projects and option to study abroad. Also the university offers a range of different types of accommodation to choose from for the first – year students according to their budget. I have never been to Bath, however, everybody says it is a very magnificent place with breathtaking views. It has even been inscribed as a World Heritage Site. Nevertheless now I enjoy living here in Brighton, because there is a special atmosphere of fun and joy. Additionally I like the seaside and I am looking forward to warm weather to do some sunbathing!

My University Choices


This week has been very exciting for me, because finally I got a conditional offer from the University of Bath. Now I am going to visit an open day that they organize in order to observe the campus and speak to the current students. This university is a highly ranked educational institution, therefore the requirements it sets are quite difficult to meet as well. Nevertheless I will do my best to achieve the results they want as it the place I want to study in. The fact the university has links with many recognized companies gives its students the opportunity to be employed by these organizations after the graduation.  However, my dream to live in London makes me feel hesitated in making the final choice of where to study. Owing to this City University is another institution I would like to study in. Anyway, I still have time to think and I hope I will make the right decision.

Bath University Open Day


I am still shocked about the offer from Bath. I was waiting for it for such a long time and now I have it! I was invited to one of their open days, which are held for only offer holders. I went there with my friends and we had a wonderful time walking around the campus and speaking to current students. Also we were able to explore the city itself and I found it very peaceful and beautiful. The architecture of the buildings there is amazing even if you go to the suburbs of that place! At first, I was a little bit disappointed that Bath is not so dynamic and vibrant as Brighton, because I imagined how boring it can be to live there. But then I spoke to many people and they assured me that a lot of tourists come here in the summer and as a result of this the city becomes very vivid and bright! Now, I am putting a lot of effort to meet the requirements the university sets, and I hope I will get what is needed!


My Plans for Revision

Celebration of the Passed Exams


The most of the second term has already passed. Next week I am having my Business exam! This term I have only one exam to take in comparison to the previous one when I had to do 4 exams in 2 days!!That was very difficult…Now I am revising a lot, because the curriculum is very broad but at the same time is very interesting! I enjoy studying business very much and that is why I chose this subject as my future degree. I decided to revise the material by reading my notes and relevant chapters in the book day by day in order that we were studying it. I think this method is very useful, because the topics studied in the beginning are mentioned in the next chapters, therefore it is much easier to understand a new material when you know thoroughly the previous topic.

I am going home to my lovely Ukraine for spring holidays and I am looking forward to it verymuch. That is all because I extremely miss my parents, friends and home city! So, the end of the exams I will celebrate at home, I am sure I will have fun! I am going to gather my closest friends and throw a big party! Can’t wait for it!!! Only 3 weeks left!

The First Two Weeks of March


The beginning of March was truly unforgettable, because me and my friends celebrated the Women’s Day that was on March 8th. This day is a national holiday in those countries that were formerly part of the Soviet Union. On that day we gathered together in my friend’s flat and cooked some traditional dishes and then had a delicious dinner and a wonderful time! Everyone enjoyed it very much, because there are not many places in Brighton, where we can eat our national cuisine that is absolutely tasty!

Apart from this celebration, I also visited an Open Day at Aston University, which is situated in Birmingham. I went there, because this institution is one of my choices, therefore I wanted to look around the campus, speak to the current students and find out more about the degree I have chosen. Generally, I liked the university, because it offers good studying, sport and living facilities. However, I walked around the city and it didn’t appeal to me very much. Therefore, I don’t think I will enter that university as, in my opinion, the city is as important as the university itself! I know for sure that if I don’t like the place I live in, I won’t be happy studying there!

Examination Period


The second term has almost past and all the students take their exams now. I think it is very important time, because your knowledge is accessed, which in turn influences your overall mark and the likelihood of entering the particular university. It is crucial to study hard during this time in order to get the highest possible mark. I am taking only one exam, which is Business Studies 2. I am not very nervous about it, but a lot have to be revised before 25th March. When I pass the exam I will have almost a week to prepare for my IELTS exam properly, which will be on the 1st and 2nd of April. First I will do the speaking part and the next day there will reading, listening and reading. Most of all, I am afraid of listening, because we may listen to the recording only once. Therefore, if you haven’t understood it for the first time, you won’t be able to listen to it again. That is why I want to spend much time during the next week doing a lot of listening practises, which can be found and done on the Internet free of charge, for example here.

Thank you for your interest in my life:)




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