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My inspiration

What does inspire me to achieve new results…what do I enjoy doing in a free time…what is the point of I working so hard…these and other topics I will discuss on this page….so, here you may find my interests and hobbies.

I think I am very inquisitive person. There are hundreds of things that interest me and as a result of this I have a lot of hobbies now and is planning to get involved in the new ones in the nearest future.

I am keen on learning languages. I have been studying Spanish and French for a couple of years, but when I came here I took a gap, because there are not many language schools in Brighton. Moreover, I wanted to concentrate on my studies at Bellerbys and to improve English. However, next year when I enter the university I will enrol to language courses there so that I won’t forget the languages. One of my goals is to start learning the Chinese language, because, in my opinion, China is a country, where future will be concentrated. It’s economy is one of the most fast growing ones in the world nowadays and therefore, I think knowing Chinese will be very useful and will give me a lot of job prospects in the future.

Another my passion is reading. I read books everywhere I can that doesn’t really contribute to the improvement of my sight, when I do it sitting in the car or bus, for example. My dream is to have a huge room with a lot of shelves, which will be full of books. However, my own library is already quite big and I continue buying new books. I cannot say what is my favourite genre,but I can definitely say I am not really keen on fantasy and history. One of my favourite books is “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. Despite the fact it was first published in 1936 it is still one of the most buying books in the world nowadays.

I adore baking!! Before I came to Brighton I was thinking of completing culinary courses and getting the degree in food preparation or something like that. But then I realised it is better to get basic education that covers a lot of aspects and may be applied to different industries. I don’t cook very much because it has a direct influence on my weight, which I am trying to keep stable:) However, when I am at home in Ukraine I do that almost every day, because I simply don’t taste it but just give it to me relatives and friends!

As probably everybody nowadays, I like traveling. I have been to quite a lot of countries, but still haven’t been to some of them. My dream is to go to New York. Although, I have been to the USA with my father, we couldn’t go there at that time, because there were so many things to do and see apart from this Big Apple. One of the most memorable trips for me is the one to Las Vegas. It was an amazing experience, which I will never forget. Every time, I watch some movies, where Las Vegas is shot, I can’t believe I was there! We have been to many hotels in order to see its own interior, played in the casino (better to say wasted money in the casino) and did shopping. The only thing, which is not very pleasant about this place, is weather. The temperature, to be precise. As Nevada state is situated in the desert, the temperature is extremely high there and the air is very dry. Therefore, there are not many people on the street you can meet, because most of them stay in their hotels, where sometimes can even be cold due to the air-conditioning!

One of my hobbies is  listening to music. I always stay informed about the latest albums and the appearance of new singers. Music has a direct influence on my mood, therefore I like different genres of it. Also it facilitates greatly, when I am working out in the gym therefore, I always turn on something very energetic to keep me more active. When I want my body and soul to have a rest, I usually listen to something relaxing, like Cafe Del Mar. It makes me very calm and positive.



Thank you for reading what makes me feel good:)

All the Best! Stay Positive!



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