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I decided to edit one of my pictures, which was taken in London near the House of Parliament. I used the programme ACD See Pro, so this is what I got…First, I made it black and white and then changed levels, brightness and contrast.

By the way, if you want to buy this programme, here is the hyperlink to beta version.



Friday Celebration

I will never forget the celebration of my friend’s birthday! It was amazing! We had a delicious dinner and then went to club Tru, where there were a lot of people, full of energy and positive emotions. The music was great and we were dancing during the whole night!


Thank you all for that special day;)

Lovely Friday:)

Today is the 18th of March and this is a very important day to my friend Tanya.

Happy Birthday, dear!!I wish you to always be yourself and have a lot of friends, who will make your every day unforgettable!

Today we are going to celebrate this occasion! First, we will have a dinner together and then will go to some club…also we are thnking of going to London in the morning to have a breakfast on the sunrise!! I am sure everything will be great, can’t wait for the evening!

HereĀ are the references to the pictures



My friends’ blogs

If you want to see the blogs of really nice people, who I was studying with during my Foundation Programme, you can findĀ the links to most of them in the sidebar.


It’s almost midnight now and I’ve spent nearly 2 hours on choosing the theme for my blog!!It is so interesting and exciting!!

Bad news: still haven’t decided on theme:)so I keep going…

Here I am

My first post…have just started creating my blog…everything is ahead and a lot of work should be done!

Let’s start…

By the way, this is me. Nice to see you here:)

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